About Kings Creek Golf - Kings Creek Apparel


At Kings Creek, we are super excited for the release of our newest line, Kings Creek Golf. No, we aren’t making any changes to Kings Creek Apparel. We are simply adding a new line in hopes of connecting even more of you! We have spent countless hours searching for the perfect products to include in KCG and we hope you are just as satisfied with them as we are. In our hometown of Augusta, Georgia, nothing puts more pressure on you like the word GOLF. Anything that has to do with that term is treated with the respect it deserves and when dealing with it you better have your ducks in a row…pun definitely intended! We have meticulously picked materials and a fit that prove to be both functional and stylish. So if you’re heading to the office or making the turn, rest easy, we’ve got ya covered.

As always, we are absolutely humbled and extremely grateful for your support of Kings Creek Apparel. It is the lifeblood our company!