Our Story.

How it all started...

Where do we begin? What started as a bridge has somehow turned into a busy freeway. That bridge between what you would wear to the woods and what you could meet your wife out to dinner wearing because you just couldn’t get out of the woods in time, or maybe you just wanted to wear because the conventional attire worn today just isn’t your thing. The bridge that spans over the wall that most guys put up causing them to be more concerned with “cool” than “conversation” or “connection” with other guys. The bridge that crosses the awkwardness of meeting or talking to people that you otherwise wouldn’t. That bridge representing a vulnerability to communicate with others that seemingly has fallen by the wayside. Our “bridge” mentality still remains intact as much as it ever has but with new found direction. Instead of connecting people from the outdoors in a busy world, we have chosen to embrace the “freeway” mentality as well. We are creating a culture in a high speed world that recognizes others for what is inside of them, with the attitude of inclusion and anything but exclusion. Connecting groups of people that wouldn’t normally be connected, let alone be caught associating with. A lot of us share the love of the outdoors, but we are realizing that our love for the outdoors comes in many different forms. Our love of God’s creation, love of God’s provision, and even the love of God’s grace, which allows us to even experience all that this wonderful life has to offer. Through our relationships with country music stars in Nashville, professional athletes, Nascar drivers, and so many in the outdoor industry, we are spreading this attitude and mentality all over the world. The only thing that makes an Alabama sunset or a Georgia sunrise any better is being able to share it with someone else. Treating others with a respect that is unexplainable to most of the world is just the starting point for us. We desire to create intentional relationships with everybody we connect with, whether through a common hat on our head or a decal on a pickup truck. We aspire to out-love, out-give, out-sing, out-work, out-worship & lastly, OUT-LAST all of the negativity and opposition we face on a daily basis. We proudly serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of our lives and so naturally we expect to display that love in our business, Kings Creek Apparel.

We are asked all the time “What is Kings Creek Apparel?” Simply put: The King represents our Lord and Savior, King Jesus Christ. The Creek represents the reflection as believers, of Christ’s presence flowing through us in all we do. Apparel reflects…well, apparel.

So in a nutshell, we are a normal family with normal family issues and obstacles to overcome on a daily basis. We are raising our children in the same world everybody else is. We just so happen to have a desire to provide products to people that help in connecting them to other people. Creating another face in the crowd that you have something in common with, and our hope is that connection creates lasting relationships that mean something in the end.

So grab your life jacket and jump in the Creek with us, it’s gonna be a fun ride, trust us.